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Reb Anderson: “You can have all my possessions. Unfortunately, I cannot give you the full moon, too.”

A conversation with Zen teacher and author Tenshin Reb Anderson on his life, bodhisattva practice and the importance of questions. The Senior Dharma teacher from San Francisco Zen Center talks about the relationship between ethics and meditation and why he started studying Zen in the first place.

By Anne Voigt   —   August 21, 2016


Tenshin Reb Anderson is an American Zen teacher and author of several books on Zen Buddhism (e.g. Being Upright: Zen Meditation and the Bodhisattva Precepts). Over 50 years ago, he left an advanced study in mathematics and Western psychology to practice with Shunryu Suzuki at San Francisco Zen Center. A couple of years later, Suzuki Roshi ordained him as a priest and gave him the Dharma name Tenhsin Zenki – “Naturally Real, The Whole Works”. Reb Anderson got Dharma transmission in 1983 and served as abbot of San Francisco Zen Center for nine years. Together with his wife, he lives at Green Gulch Farm. He teaches in North America and Europe.

Zendo in Green Gulch
Zendo (meditation hall) in Green Gulch Photo: Anne Voigt
Tenshin Reb Anderson
Tenshin Reb Anderson Photo: Shundo David Haye (

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